Riva brands

Boiserie Riva

A range of boiserie and custom-made furniture that, by means of carefully crafted panelling and cladding, can personalise any home or workspace, making it unique. Spaces designed and crafted with care, to satisfy the desire of anyone who loves the natural warmth of wood, whether their predilection is for the classic or the modern. Manufacturing furnishings for home and office, and on contract.


A line of ecologically sustainable furnishings designed with good health in mind. Each item is made from solid wood with a beeswax finish, using only non-toxic materials with a low environmental impact.

Two brands, two philosophies, two histories defined by a love for wood

Boiserie Riva and RivaViva fulfil different needs, but both are consistent with what has always been the company’s goal: to bring out the natural beauty of wood in a way that is respectful of human health and the environment.

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