Cubus Pure Home Entertainment

Cubus Pure Home Entertainment

The Home Entertainment collection is characterised by its design elements and innovative home entertainment solutions, which make it possible for you to enjoy a Home Cinema experience right in your own living room. The carcase in natural solid wood allows for excellent sound diffusion.


An ingenious ventilation system prevents your devices from overheating, while the easy-to-access cables and ample spaces are exceedingly convenient, as is the system for running cables, which features a built-in latest-generation wireless charging platform for smartphones and tablets.


Different types of wood, of handles, and flap-doors in acoustic fabric for speakers in different colours, not to mention a vast array of colours of glass to choose from, offer a broad range of design choices.

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Linseed oil and beeswax

continuous laminated wood and 3-layer panel

Opening system
hinged doors, flap doors, with drawers

Dimensions are custom

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