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Riva devotes the utmost attention to health and safety, creating furnishings that strike a perfect balance between a culture of good health and a philosophy of environmental sustainability.

Attention to detail and environmental sustainability

Health and safety


Riva controls the entire production process: from concept and design, to the selection and purchasing of the wood, to crafting and finishing. Each detail is entrusted to expert hands that have inherited a wealth of experience, passed down and kept up-to-date since the 1920s, and set apart from traditional industrial processes.


How we work

  • Riva uses only solid wood from managed stands. Every stage of woodworking and finishing is characterised by absolute respect for the environment. Moreover, we only use 100% natural textiles, paddings and fillings.
  • Riva abides by the Federmobili Code of Ethics.
  • Riva devotes particular care to Corporate Social Responsibility.


  • Architectural Project
  • Interior Design Service
  • Custom made
  • Eco-Home Personal Shopper
  • Worldwide delivery service
  • Wedding Registries
Team - Riva Mobili


Our Team

Ceo: Cristina Riva, Architect
Finance: Giovanni Falcone

Riva Milan
Sonia Abbondi, Architect; Miriam Milani

Riva Rome
Pierpaolo Zonzo; Sonia Abbondi, Architect; Paola Manghi



  • RivaViva is belongs to the Consorzio Vero Legno (Real Wood Consortium), whose name, a trademark in every country in the European Union, serves as a guarantee of wood products’ authenticity, in the interests of consumer protection.
  • In 2010, thanks to its commitment to the research and production of environmentally sustainable furniture, RivaViva became a Legambiente Point. Every month, the Italian environmental association Legambiente sponsors a RivaViva product.
  • Cristina Riva is a member of the Leadership Group of Federmobili, the Italian Association of Furniture Retailers, and holds a place on its national board.
  • RivaViva partners with the Best Up Circuit to promote sustainable living solutions for the home.
  • In June 2017, RivaViva’s “Doubling Home” won the Interior Design Award at the Rome Architecture Awards, sponsored by the Lazio Association of Architects.
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