Riva 1919

In 1919, Attilio Riva, who came from a family of artisans, partnered with a woodworking shop in Brianza to found a furniture making business. He opened his first showroom in downtown Milan in 1935.

Riva 1947

In 1947, Attilio Riva imported some boiserie concepts from France, using them to create a style all his own, which began to spread through Italy and abroad.

Riva 1960

In 1960, Attilio Riva received the Diploma d’Onore, or Award of Honour, accompanied by the Silver Medal, at the Fiera Campionaria di Roma (Rome Trade Fair).

Riva 1965

1965 saw the opening of the Rome showroom on Via Nemorense, which has remained in operation ever since.

In 1980, Attilio's son Giuseppe took over as the company director. It was he who founded the Boiserie Riva brand, which creates custom-made panelling and cladding for walls, bookshelves, wardrobes and doors, with handcrafted creations that verge on art.

Riva 1990

In 1990, Cristina Riva made her entrance into the business, introducing a strong environmentally-friendly mindset and creating the brand RivaViva, a range of eco-friendly furnishings for distribution throughout Italy. Cristina took the experience and artisan tradition of the historic Riva company and blended it with a new concept of eco-furnishings, characterised by absolute respect for the environment and human health. In the knowledge that, while we our sleeping, our bodies’ immune defences are lowered, making us more vulnerable to attack by toxic agents that are dangerous to our health, RivaViva has specialised in furnishings for sleeping areas, steeping the bedroom in a singular atmosphere: the essence of natural wood, in which we can rest and be restored, breathing inside a healthy and safe environment.

Riva 2002

May 2002 saw the grand opening of the new Milan showroom on Via L. Porro Lambertenghi. That seem year also marked the company’s first time participating in the Milan Salone del Mobile, through “Fuorisalone” events off-site.

Riva 2018

In 2018, Riva launched the first “RivaViva Eco Awards”, bringing together designers from Sarajevo and Milan.

A Maggio del 2021 Boiserie Riva S.r.l risulta conforme ai requisiti ISO 9001:2015 per il seguente scopo: progettazione, vendite e montaggio di soluzioni di arredo personalizzate per la case e contract anche a marchio “BOISERIE RIVA” e “RIVAVIVA”.

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