Lamps by Secto Design

Lamps by Secto Design

Secto Design, a Finnish company, has been manufacturing lamps for years in the small town of Heinola. Its products are both serial produced and handmade.

Each lamp is manufactured in an environmentally responsible fashion. Secto Design uses PEFC-certified Finnish birch that from central Finland, and which is therefore transported only short distances. Waste materials, such as the sawdust produced during the manufacturing process, are used to make the wood pellets used to heat Finnish houses.

Responsabilità ecologica

As a manufacturer of electronic products, Secto Design is responsible for the recycling and waste management of its products according to strict Finnish waste legislation.

Birch veneers are formpressed into blanks. The blanks are cut into slats, which are sanded and finally connected using rings of aircraft plywood. The slats are glued and nailed to the rings.

The light source is hidden inside the shade to prevent blinding the viewer. The warm light reflecting from the birch emphasises the space and creates an inviting atmosphere.


Today, Secto Design lamps can be spotted in many interesting locations, such as Embassies of Finland, international airports, and museums, including the permanent collection of the Design Museum in Helsinki, the permanent collection of Design Post in Cologne, Germany, and the store of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, United States.


Data Sheet

Fixture materials::

Untreated natural Finnish birch, with PEFC-certified walnut veneer or with white, black or walnut laminate


formpressed veneer slats


unfinished or with beeswax finish

Light source:

LED lightbulbs; many lamps have incorporated LED technology


each lamp comes with a cable in a set colour or a colour of the customer’s choosing