Eco Awards


2018 Eco Awards


The Sarajevo School

Interior design projects with a strong environmental focus will be competing at the First RivaViva Eco Awards during Milan Design Week 2018. In the Spazio RivaViva space in the Isola district, what you will find on display is a ‘dialogue’ between the artisan expertise of the School of Sarajevo (with pieces by such prominent names as Salih Teskeredzic and Mustafa Cohadzic, for Artisan and Gazzda) and the ecologically sustainable pieces created by Riva Arredamenti. The winner will be the piece that, using almost a magical formula, is able to blend nature with innovation, beauty and wellbeing.
Journalists and members of the public will vote to decide the winner.
Everyone is invited to Open Day, on Thursday, 19 April.

Design, health and sustainability

Design, health and sustainability are part of the challenge at Design Week in Milan, as Riva Arredamenti launches the first RivaViva Eco Awards. The winners will be the best eco-friendly furnishings.

At Spazio RivaViva in the Isola district, in addition to the exclusive woodworking production of this historic Brianza brand, you will also find furnishings created by the stars of the Sarajevo School – represented by companies Artisan and Gazzda, whose designers include international renowned names such as Salih Teskeredzic and Mustafa Cohadizic – who have reclaimed the distinctive woodworking and wood-engraving skills of their local traditions, and whom only RivaViva exclusively represents in all of Italy.

Each piece on display in the showroom, created with love and the most sophisticated craftsmanship, is not only an interior design element, but an example of modern decorative art. The task of deciding which of these best represents a synthesis of nature, beauty and innovation falls to the journalists (who will choose the winner of the 2018 Exclusive Eco Award) and the public (who will vote to decide the winner of the 2018 Testing Eco Award), who will be given cards on which to write the number that corresponds the piece they have chosen.


The key concept of the event is a zero-impact life that does not have to forgo beauty. It is a choice that is in favour not only of the environment, but also of the health of those who spend time enjoying their home and their furnishings. Design becomes the fruit of an effective concept of materials (ones that do not contain harmful substances such as solvents, petroleum derivatives, formaldehyde and other toxic agents) and intelligence in design. Design, in other words, that is “healthy, beautiful and sustainable”.

Everyone is invited, next Thursday, 19 April, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., when journalists and members of the public will be able to visit the exhibition space and cast their votes in a competition on the theme of “eco-friendly furniture”. The final awards ceremony will take place during the evening event on 10 May.

Ultimately… if you love wood, this is one event you can’t miss. We’ll be waiting for you to come and cast your vote!


Spazio RivaViva:

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