Architects and Designers

The Riva Team

Riva puts its corporate knowledge and background, the fruit of years of research and study into the nature of wood and its design characteristics, at the disposal of Architects and Designers.


A team of professionals from the woodworking field offer their support to Architects and Designers for the executive design of the spaces they have envisioned, the choice of various materials, and the definition of every single detail, both technical and aesthetic, through the creation of virtual images and the construction of real ad hoc models.

Boiserie Riva and RivaViva

Boiserie Riva and RivaViva fulfil different needs, but both are consistent with what has always been Riva’s goal: to bring out the natural beauty of wood in a way that is respectful of human health and the environment.


Working with Boiserie Riva, Architects and Designers can take advantage of exclusive carpentry and cabinet-making services, in order to characterise and refine any type of furnishing in a made-to-measure fashion, from executing the proposed project through to its exactingly professional assembly.


Through working with RivaViva, Architects and Designers acquire in-depth knowledge in the sphere of environmental sustainability, from the executive design of custom-created joints and assemblies to the natural finishing and staining of surfaces, from the choice of fabrics to choosing eco-friendly furniture from Riva’s partners, all top European companies in line with Riva’s environmentally-friendly philosophy.


Riva’s showrooms in Milan and Rome are the result of intensive activity, researching, selecting and purchasing exclusive products exclusively for the Italian market. They also provide a place where Architects and Designers can meet their Clients to discuss their projects.